Many of the health problems we see in our hospitals and clinics could have been prevented with people making better, more healthy, choices. Intermountain Healthcare's Primary Care Clinical Program Team is a group of physicians, nurses, dieticians and other healthcare professionals, that regularly come together to help families and our community become more aware of how choices impact quality of life.

The fun and informative design of the LiVe Well website provides new and novel approaches to promote healthy lifestyles through making good eating choices, finding creative ways to become more physically active, and helps to refocus energy to help you in your journey toward feeling better. The website also offers healthful recipes, healthy games and fun videos, as well as health tools, screening checklists, and other resources to help you become healthier.

LiVe Well Across the Nation

The LiVe Well campaign has been syndicated to health promoters across the nation. Licenses to LiVe Well content are available to non-competing health systems and hospitals and other organizations. License fees from syndicated partners are put back into the campaign to improve and expand the LiVe Well program, making more content available to LiVe Well partner organizations. If you are interested in bring the LiVe Well campaign to your area you can learn more about LiVe syndication by contacting Gale Wilson-Steele at Health Media Syndicate.


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