Intermountain Healthcare physicians perform more heart procedures than all other Utah hospitals combined. That experience leads to expertise in providing the most advanced treatment plans.

Intermountain Heart Institute takes Team Approach for Transplant Program

At Intermountain Healthcare, we’ve implemented a team approach in our heart transplant program that ensures patients are more prepared before their transplant and better cared for afterwards.


Intermountain Heart Services is Utah's Leading Heart Care Organization

Hospital emergency rooms nationwide have done research on how to diagnose chest pain.

One Utah healthcare organization has rigorously studied all the national research and distilled it into one standard proven to work best. Because of it, the chest pain diagnosis at Intermountain Healthcare is faster and more correct, so each individual patient can be treated as effectively as possible. Just another reason we’re Utah’s leading heart care organization.


Kevin Shakespeare's Story: Dixie Regional Medical Center

You never know when you may have a heart problem and there is never a good time to have one.

For Kevin Shakespeare from Tropic, Utah, he thought he was suffering heart burn at first. But soon realized it was more serious, he was having a heart attack. That’s when experienced and skilled heart specialists stepped in to help him on his way to recovery.


LaVell Edwards's Story Utah Valley Hospital

Treating each patient and their families as individuals is an important part of healing hearts for Intermountain.

For LaVell Edwards and his family, it meant Intermountain's heart specialists outlined his different heart care options, explained in detail each procedure and took the time to answer all their questions.

It also meant, the specialists kept the family aware of LaVell's progress while in the operating room, giving them peace of mind, allowing the healing to happen.


Melvin Purcell's Story: Intermountain Heart Institute

Melvin Purcell has seen and experienced many medical innovations over his lifetime. He was one of the first people in the nation to undergo cardiac bypass surgery, allowing him to continue to do the things he loved doing.

Now, many years later, Melvin experienced another innovation. He was one of the first in Utah to receive a new aortic valve via a small catheter instead of by traditional open-heart surgery, which means a person can get back to their normal activities sooner.

In Melvin’s case, it means he can more quickly get back to life with the one he loves, his wife Dorothy.


Planned and Unplanned Heart Treatments at Utah Valley Hospital

Planned and unplanned heart treatments confronted Neil and Jolene Durrant.

In Neil’s case, it was a scheduled heart angiogram. In Jolene’s case, it was a massive heart attack after which Neil performed CPR to help save her life. What makes the story unusual is that both Durrants’ were in the hospital at the same time, the first time that had ever happened at Utah Valley Hospital.