As a not-for-profit hospital, Delta Community Hospital, formerly known as Delta Community Medical Center, has no stockholders or shareholders. Our focus is on serving our community.

The combined Governing Board of Delta Community Hospital and Fillmore Community Hospital consists of volunteers who represent our community. These unpaid trustees strive to make decisions that will be in the best interest of the patients, the hospitals, and Intermountain Healthcare.

Hospital Administration

  • Lenny Lyons, Administrator
  • Erma Kaye May, Nurse Administrator

Governing Board Members

  • Lenny Lyons, Administrator
  • Brian Coles, Chairman
  • Terry Higgs, Vice Chairman
  • Craig Grose, MD
  • Mary Monroe
  • Cindy Staples
  • Kathy Morris
  • Bryant Stevens
  • Karma Bailey
  • Jacob Robison
  • Alan Smith, MD
  • Justin Taylor