When the St. George Regional Cancer Center first opened its doors in St. George back in 1985, it was named the smallest fully-accredited cancer center in nation. We've come a long ways in the years since and now offer the most advanced cancer care to residents of southern Utah.


Cancers We Treat

Our services include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and our Radiation Exposure Screening and Education program.


Cancer Detection

In many cases, the sooner cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better a person's chance for a full recovery.

A male doctor sitting in front of a computer talks with a female patient wearing a black baseball cap

Cancer Education

Our Cancer Education Center is a place where you can learn more about cancer and access the latest advances in treatments.


Cancer Treatments

We offer a number of different services for treating cancer.


Cancer Support Groups

We offer support groups to help you navigate through the difficult cancer process and get support from others in the same circumstances.