When the Dixie Regional Cancer Center first opened its doors in St. George back in 1985, it was named the smallest fully-accredited cancer center in nation. We've come a long ways in the years since and now offer the most advanced cancer care to residents of southern Utah.

The center's services include medical oncology (chemotherapy) and radiation oncology (radiation therapy) services, along with a Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program, a service unique to this area that screens people concerned about an elevated risk for cancer due to radiation exposure.


Cancer Surgery

Surgery is used to treat cancer for preventive, diagnostic, and curative purposes.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Our cancer rehabilitation program is designed to help you maintain your strength and feel good during this difficult time.



Chemotherapy is one of the cancer services we offer to residents of southern Utah.

Radiation Therapy

If you are required to undergo radiation therapy, we have fully trained professionals who will provide the best care possible.