What age must my child be to benefit from pediatric rehab services?

  • We see children from birth until 18 years old. If you have a concern, talk to your doctor. It is never too soon to begin therapy! The therapist may note a concern, but prefer to wait several months to see how your child continues to develop before beginning formal treatment. This is a better timeline than waiting too long and losing valuable treatment time.
  • We focus on using play and fun activities and therapy strategies. Many children, teenagers and young adults with cognitive delays feel more comfortable in this setting than with an adult-based clinic. If you feel your teenager would prefer a more adult setting, than we can work with you to set that up.

My child gets services through Early Intervention, Help Me Grow or in School. Should I receive services through this clinic as well?

  • These services are wonderful and very beneficial. They are often limited to once a month for younger children or once a week for 20-30 minutes for older children. These service models often include Therapy Aids or Interventionists who are the ones providing the treatments. We always encourage people to continue with these services but also seek treatment in our clinic to maximize the time your child spends with certified therapists who are specialists in their area. Our clinic also offers specialized home programs and parent engagement during treatment, which most find to be a very effective model.

How long does an initial appointment/evaluation last?

  • Expect an evaluation to take as little as 45 minutes and as long as 2 hours depending on your child’s needs and the areas being addressed.

What does an initial appointment/evaluation look like?

  •  After checking in and filling out paperwork, your therapist will greet you in the waiting lobby. Medical, developmental and family histories are reviewed and then the therapist will directly engage with your child to assess their capabilities and skills in the area of specialty. This could be with a formal assessment or informal observation. The therapist will share some general observations and ideas as well a treatment plan. This is a great time to discuss the goals you have for your child and your expectations for therapy as well as the therapist’s expectations of you and your child.

What should I bring to or do to prepare for the initial appointment/evaluation?

  • Please print, complete and bring Initial Intake Forms sent to you after your appointment has been scheduled along with your insurance card. That will speed up your appointment time. (Call this number if you have not received forms 435-251-2250) Your therapist may also ask you to bring specific materials. For example, your child’s favorite book or toy to talk about for a fluency evaluation. If you are not sure what to bring, ask the scheduler when they call you. For children 18 months or older, bring 2-3 foods that your child will eat and 2-3 foods that are non-preferred. For infants, bring supplies for a typical bottle feeding. Schedule the evaluation at a time that you think your child will be hungry.

Am I allowed to come participate in my child’s therapy session?

  • Yes! We encourage it! The benefit of our clinic is that you are an active participant in therapy and you become an advocate for your child in the clinic and at home. By participating in your child’s therapy, you can better implement therapy strategies at home.

Who creates the goals for therapy?

  • The therapist creates the goals after consulting with you and your doctor to target realistic skills that will be most beneficial to your child and their development. Goals are not “set in stone,” meaning they can be changed as your child progresses or as your priorities change.

Can I bring siblings or other family members?

  • We want the focus during our time together to be with educating you and treating your child. If you need to bring a baby, that’s ok. Otherwise, we ask that siblings stay home. If your child is often cared for by other family members, we hope they can come to treatments so they can also help with the home treatment program. Sometimes your therapist may ask you to bring siblings. Just check with them to see if siblings fit into the therapy plan.

How long would my child need to receive rehab therapy services?

  • Some children only come for the evaluation while others receive services for a number of years, with scheduled breaks in therapy to allow for mastery of skills. This is dependent on your child and their individual needs.

What times are therapy appointments available?

  • Clinic times are from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Each therapist has a different schedule within this timeframe. The Clinic is closed on most national holidays.

What insurances does your clinic take?

  • We accept almost all insurances and here are a few that we see most commonly: Select, CHIP, Molina, Tricare, Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Arizona Medicaid. Please call us if you have any questions.

Do you have any financial assistance available?

  • Intermountain Healthcare does offer a financial assistance program. Please call for more details.

Will you accept self-pay/out-of-pocket payments as well?

  • We accept self-pay for all services. You could be eligible for a discount if payment is made the same day that services are rendered. Please call the clinic for specific payment questions.