Originally named the Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital, the hospital was founded in 1910 by Annie Taylor Dee and her children. When her husband Thomas Dee died in a tragic accident, Mrs. Dee was determined to build a hospital as a memorial to him and as a service to the community.

Original and Subsequent Locations

The original building was located at what is now Dee Memorial Park at 24th Street and Harrison Boulevard in Ogden. The hospital served the community in this location for more than 60 years. 

In 1969, a new hospital opened a few miles south, west of Weber State University. Originally named the David O. McKay Hospital, the Dee wing opened in 1971 as a rehabilitation/long-term care facility. Soon after, the campus was renamed McKay-Dee Hospital. In 2002, the hospital moved further south to its current location.

Present Day

Thanks to the Dee family’s vision and support over the years, countless residents of Ogden and surrounding communities have received access to world-class healthcare close to home. 

The hospital continues to be a cornerstone in the community, adapting to the needs of patients and staff, serving as a resource for promoting healthy lifestyles and education, and committed to providing high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost.