The specialists who are part of the cancer treatment team hold cancer conferences to strategize and individualize treatment. Each specialist brings his or her expertise and experience to the table. This team’s focused approach provides the best chance of survival while minimizing side effects and financial burden.

Each individual’s health is the ultimate concern of our cancer treatment team. We work together to use the most advanced technology, skilled doctors and caring support staff to ensure the best outcome.


Cancer Committee

As one of only 1500 accredited cancer programs nationally, our McKay-Dee cancer committee strives to constantly improve the program as a whole.


Cancer Conference

A Cancer Conference is when treating specialists, technicians and healthcare professionals meet together to discuss each new cancer patient individually, along with their proposed treatment plans.


Multidisciplinary Clinic

Rather than sending a patient to several different appointments with different specialists, we set up one multi-disciplinary clinic appointment for the patient to attend.