At the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, we pride ourselves in a unique, patient-centered team approach. This involves several specialists and health care professionals as part of a multidisciplinary clinic. Rather than sending a patient to several different appointments with different specialists, we set up one multi-disciplinary clinic appointment for the patient to attend.

When an individual is diagnosed at the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, the new patient diagnosis is reviewed by each physician on the Cancer Committee. This committee meets every week to review all new cases. After the review, a multidisciplinary clinic appointment, which lasts a few hours, is set up with the patient. A family member is encouraged to attend the appointment with the patient in order to keep track of information and be part of the support team.

During this appointment, all specialists treating the patient will be present and available to answer questions. They help the patient understand the entire treatment plan, each step of the plan and how they all work together to create the best possible outcome. This alleviates stress as well as any breakdowns in communication that happen when the treating specialists are not in close communication. Through this multi-disciplinary team approach, the cancer patient’s health is put first and foremost.

After the initial multidisciplinary clinic appointment, the specialists continue to communicate to ensure success. Depending on the length and complexity of the treatment plan, they could meet several times more without the patient as adjustments are made. The nurses and support staff involved are always available for questions and further explanation as well.

At McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, the health of each individual always comes first. The multidisciplinary clinic was created to reduce the amount of stress on the patient and to reduce the amount of time between diagnosis and treatment.