Nutrition is a vital part of fighting and recovering from any illness including cancer. At McKay-Dee Hospital, we offer nutrition services to our patients to help them stay as healthy and comfortable as possible through treatment. The dieticians at McKay-Dee Hospital participate in cancer support groups and offer one-on-one nutrition consulting. Our professional dieticians are always available for questions from patients. 

A cancer patient’s nutrition needs will be different before, during and after treatment. Before beginning treatment it’s important to make your body as healthy as possible. Getting the body to a healthy weight and consuming plenty of calories and protein is the best way to do this. Many cancer patients have difficulty with malnutrition during treatment so it’s important to start with good nutrition habits.

During treatment the patient may experience side effects that make it difficult to eat enough and digest food properly. Some of that discomfort can be resolved by creating a nutrition plan with our dieticians. They give guidelines to follow for meal planning and proper nutrition. Problems such as mouth sores, diarrhea or constipation can often be alleviated by changing nutrition choices.

After cancer treatment an individual may notice a significant weight decrease or increase. Maintaining good nutrition habits helps the body get back to normal. Proper nutrition and exercise rehabilitation will also help because it rebuilds muscle and increases mobility.