At the McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center, our radiation oncologists, nurses, therapists and Medical Dosimetrists offer the best in radiation therapy technology and treatment services. They create an individual treatment plan, customized for each unique patient, using Linear Accelerator technology, photons, electrons, Low Dose Radiation, High Dose Radiation, and Brachytherapy.

Some patients’ plans involve chemotherapy and surgery in addition to radiation therapy, and no two plans are the same. Even two patients with the same type of cancer, stage, and location may require differences. Our skilled oncologists, radiation therapists, and Medical Dosimetrists can help preserve normal tissues and organs not in the tumor area.

The detail of the plan may vary, depending on the complexity, quality assurance, and the best technology available to keep you safe throughout radiation treatment. The technological advances of our radiation therapy enable us to provide the best and safest cancer treatment for each individual.

Our radiation therapy healthcare specialists are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your radiation therapy.