Job Shadows, Internships, Rotations: What’s the Difference?

Job shadowing, or observations, are for students who are enrolled in a class that requires observational experience to complete the course, or are a student who is applying for a school program that requires observations to apply as prerequisite.

Internships are paid or unpaid short-term work experiences. We offer internships to students who are required to have this experience as part of their education.

To search for all available internships with Intermountain:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Search for Jobs
  3. Under Job Family, select Internship – Paid
  4. This will bring up any current paid internship opportunities you can apply for.

You can also search for any unpaid or paid non-clinical internship opportunities through Intermountain Healthcare on Handshake: Rotations are clinical or non-clinical learning opportunities that are required by a course or program.

Rotations take place in one of Intermountain’s facilities. Students who are preparing for rotations have already achieved a level of education in their programs.

To learn more or set up a rotation, please click here.