Intermountain Health offers benefit plans, incentives, and well-being resources to help you and your family find greater overall balance. These interconnected areas of life include your physical health, your professional self, your social and emotional life, and your financial health.

We believe in the importance of having the right tools, resources, and support available to you – at the right time – so that you can navigate life’s ups and downs and be more mindful of your overall health and well-being.


Who Can You Enroll in Coverage?

Caregiver Eligibility

For benefits eligibility and full-time caregiver rates, you must be scheduled to work 30+ hours per week. For benefits eligibility and part-time caregiver rates, you must be regularly scheduled to work 20+ hours per week.

Dependent Eligibility

  • Your legal spouse
  • Your common-law spouse if you live in a state that recognizes such marriages (an affidavit is required)
  • Legally domiciled adults and children
  • Legally Domiciled Adult and Children FAQ
  • Legally Domiciled Adult and Children Affidavit 
  • A civil union as defined by the state of Colorado (Vision and Life Insurance only)
  • Your children and stepchildren from birth to age 26
  • Your adult child who depends solely on you for support because of a mental or physical handicap (documentation is required)
Learn more about the Dependent Audit process by reviewing the "Dependent Eligibility Audit"

Dependent Eligibility Audit

Once you have enrolled in your benefits, you will receive an email with audit instructions from HMS to your work email address within 10 days from the date you enrolled. The email from HMS will ask you to provide documentation supporting eligibility for only new dependents you add to the plans. Examples of acceptable documentation include a marriage certificate, birth certificate, recent household account statements, etc. Reminder: Unverified dependents are dropped from coverage based on the requirements outlined in your letter from HMS. For questions, additional information, or to complete the audit electronically once you've received the email from HMS:
  • Call HMS: 855-819-5806
  • Visit the HMS website:
  • Upload required documents
  • Check status of your dependent audit
  • Find helpful resources

Find a Network Provider

Access a provider directory by selecting the plan you would like to search.


Benefits Information

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When you are ready to enroll or make changes, visit Workday to enroll.

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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is the balance between having a healthy state of well-being today while preparing financially for tomorrow.
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We have options to provide you and your family with the health care you need at a price you can afford.

Healthy Living

Intermountain Healthcare offers you vision benefits through the EyeMed Vision Care Network
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Plan Documents

Important benefit plan documents and notices are required disclosures that should be reviewed by all participants that are covered under the Benefit Plans.
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