You can be confident that each specialist at the Utah Valley Cancer Center is in communication with the others. Integrated care is high quality care and we pride ourselves on our unique multidisciplinary approach. During your visit, you will have access to each of the following specialists, who will assist you in planning your treatment and answer any questions you have.

  • Medical Oncologist (Hematology/Oncology) – Medical Oncologists are internists with training and experience in the treatment of cancer. They coordinate patient care from diagnosis through the course of the disease, assisting with pain and symptom management. When needed, they prescribe chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drugs.
  • Radiation Oncologist – Radiation Oncologists provide radiation therapy treatment such as brachytherapy and image guided radiation therapy. They develop and prescribe cancer treatment plans and monitor patient progress.
  • Surgeons – While not part of every cancer treatment, surgeons are often involved in removing cancerous tissue.
  • Social Worker – Our social worker will assist with support and counseling, financial concerns, and help you gain access to community resources.
  • Dietitian – Our certified dietitians help patients maintain an optimal weight during and after cancer treatment through meals plans, exercise goals and behavior modification coaching. 
  • Registered Nurse – The nurse will help coordinate your care by helping make appointments, providing education and answering questions.
  • Patient Navigator – Our patient navigator connects patients with information, resources, services, and support during the cancer journey.
  • Genetic Counselor – A genetic counselor performs an in-depth risk assessment to assess a patient's risk. They also recommend screening and management for patients and at-risk family members.
  • Financial Counselor – If you don’t have insurance, need financial assistance, or have other financial concerns, our counselors can help.