The new lab at Utah Valley Hospital (formerly Utah Valley Regional Medical Center) uses GPS-based equipment to accurately pinpoint the spot in the heart that is generating an irregular rhythm. Physicians can then ablate, or burn, the area to interrupt that signal. Having pinpoint accuracy decreases the chances of unnecessary scar tissue and proves to be better for a patient’s overall heart health.

Radiation exposure to patients in the new lab will be up to 80 percent lower than what takes place today. Physicians use devices containing tiny sensors that emit an electromagnetic signal. Tracking these signals on pre-recorded images allows doctors to avoid using prolonged fluoroscopy during the procedure, thus reducing the radiation exposure.

The Heart Services team at Utah Valley Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest-quality care to heart rhythm patients from across Utah and beyond in this state-of-the-art EP lab.


Ablation Therapy

Ablation therapy is used to remove abnormal tissue that occurs with some heart conditions.



An electrocardiogram is used to evaluate the heart.