Laboratory testing is an important part of diagnosing a number of medical conditions and the Utah Valley Hospital Laboratory is committed to providing timely and accurate laboratory services for patients and physicians. We offer a wide spectrum of lab testing services to meet your needs.

How to Obtain Lab Services

No appointment is necessary to obtain lab testing. Stop in during normal operating hours. Please park on the lower level of the Utah Valley Outpatient Center and check in at the kiosks near the front entrance. Most lab tests are completed within a few hours, though depending on the complexity of the test it may take longer.

Getting Lab Results

Once completed, the results of your lab test will be provided electronically to your physician. Please contact your physician to request a copy of the results or to review what the results of the tests mean.

Utah Valley Hospital Outpatient Lab

Open today: 7am-7pm
Park on the lower level on the south side of the Utah Valley Outpatient Center and use the 1st floor entrance.