While the decision to get weight loss surgery is personal and each person must carefully consider the benefits and risks, hearing the experiences of others can be beneficial. Each of the testimonials below is from a former patient at Utah Valley Hospital (formerly Utah Valley Regional Medical Center) whose lives changed for the better thanks to weight loss surgery.

Garrett Rose's Weight Loss Surgery

It took four years for Garrett Rose to decide to do weight loss surgery. He had gone on multiple diets over the years that didn't stick, and realized weight loss surgery would be the tool that would allow him to decrease his portion sizes and give him the ability to live a normal life.

Phil Garrett's Weight Loss Story

Listen to the story of Phil Garrett, a weight loss surgery patient who made the decision to get the surgery that changed his life. For Phil, weight loss surgery was a tool that got him out of a rut and allowed him to live his life.

Judy Jameson's Weight Loss Surgery Story

Judy Jameson has always been active, finding joy in riding horses, but since she underwent the weight loss surgery, she has more energy, and her whole lifestyle has changed for the better.