The birth of your baby is a special experience, which is why the Utah Valley Hospital labor and delivery team works with you to help you have your birth, your way. Whether you are seeking a natural (unmedicated) or medicated birth experience, our nursing team uses research-based practices to handle any pregnancy.

The Birthing Experience

It's important to us to help you have a positive birthing experience. During the labor and delivery process, help us understand your preferences and we will work to accommodate your needs. 

Working with Your Birthing Plan

Many mothers have birthing plans that describe preferences for their baby's birth. Where possible, we work with you and your physician to accommodate your birthing plan. However, labor and delivery is a dynamic process and conditions can change quickly. This may sometimes require changes to the plan to ensure the safety and health of you and your baby.

Arriving on the Unit 

Your labor and delivery experience begins when you check in to our unit, located on the 5th floor of the West Building. You can park in the parking terraces on the north side of the hospital campus, or take advantage of our free valet services on the north side of the West Building.

Your Room

After you have completed the check in process, you will be taken to your private room. This is where you will stay while laboring, during the delivery, and for a short recovery period after delivery. 

Our private labor, delivery, and recovery rooms are designed to optimize the birthing experience. Some of the room features include:

  • Labor cards to help moms and a significant other to understand breathing techniques, positions for better relaxation, supportive massage, birthing balls and bars, and more
  • Tubs for relaxation in early labor
  • TV channel with relaxing music and scenery for low-intervention childbirth
  • Snack room for dads

Staffed Medical Professionals

An obstetrician is available in house 24/7 to help with birthing needs before, during, or after labor and delivery. We also have an anesthesiologist on staff on the unit at all times to help with epidurals, pain control, or emergency situations.

The Labor and Delivery Process

You will labor in your room while being carefully monitored by our caring nursing staff. Your obstetrician (OB) will be regularly updated on your progress and he or she will help direct your care. When it's time for delivery, equipment will be brought into your room to help with the process. An OB and nurses will guide you through the delivery process, bringing your precious little one into this world.

Following Delivery

We employ skin-to-skin for every delivery, including scheduled Cesarean sections. Skin-to-skin and non-separation for mother and child helps with bonding. Our team provides lactation support and teaching right at delivery. Following a brief recovery period, you and your baby will be transferred to our Mom/Baby unit to continue the bonding.

Labor and Delivery at Utah Valley Hospital

Utah Valley Hospital Labor Delivery

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