Intermountain Health & Wellness Live Webinar Series

Each month we invite you to be part of various health and wellness topics that have been curated to bring better understanding of each topic. We invite area experts to share information, helpful hints and how-to guides on how to live a healthier life. 

Our webinars can range the entire spectrum of body and mind wellbeing. 

Topics will focus on,

  • Exercise and healthy movement
  • Nutrition and healthy eating/cooking
  • Sleeping better
  • Mindfulness and mental wellbeing
  • Other timely and relevant health topics 

Each webinar will be designed to last between 30-45 minutes. In most webinars we plan on having some time reserved for your questions on each topic. So come prepared to participate with your questions or feel free to simply listen and learn.  

Click Here to visit our Webinar Registration page to see a complete list and register for our upcoming webinars.