A Personalized Plan to LiVe Well

At the Live Well Center - Salt Lake we do more than just assess your health. We give you a personalized plan to live well. Our team of wellness and fitness experts will motivate educate and inspire you to get well, stay well and live well for a lifetime.

Live Well Center - Salt Lake Services

Our services focus on improving the health and wellness of every individual regardless of age or condition. We believe optimal health is achieved by living a wellness lifestyle. The LiVe Well Center is your partner and guide to living healthy though:

  • Good Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Better Sleep
  • Managing Stress

We also focus on helping athletes, at every level.

Our Facility

We are located on the 4th floor of the Salt Lake Clinic, with a beautiful view of downtown Salt Lake City. Our clinic is home to state of the art equipment to measure your health and fitness levels. We have an open gym with equipment for strength training, cardio and flexibility.

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Exercise 1-1

Exercise Classes and Fitness Testing

We help you identify your present level of fitness and recommend how to safely achieve your physical activity goals in all dimensions of strength, aerobic, flexibility and balance.
Bod Pod Crop

Bod Pod - Body Composition Test

At the LiVe Well Center, we use the Bod Pod Body Composition Tracking System — the Practical Gold Standard — to measure body composition.

Nutrition Consultations

Good nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle and a nutrition education from a registered dietitian can help you accomplish that goal. 

Classes and Events

Browse our full list of classes to help you Be Well, LiVe Well, Move Well, and Eat Well.
LifeStyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Optimal health is achieved by being actively engaged in a wellness lifestyle. Lifestyle medicine focuses on keeping you healthy.
A man and woman in helmets are riding bicycles in the countryside.

Sports Performance

We provide evidence based, state of the art, performance testing and training recommendations to help you reach your goals

Executive Health Exam

The Executive Health Exam is an in-depth, comprehensive physical evaluation that takes a deeper look into your personal health.

LiVe Well Providers

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