Optimal health is achieved by being actively engaged in a wellness lifestyle. Lifestyle medicine focuses on keeping you healthy through:

  • Good nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Better sleep
  • Managing stress

Healthier Choices

Everyone can benefit from making healthier choices. We all struggle with something, whether that is going to bed too late, sneaking an extra cookie after lunch, or skipping an evening walk to watch our favorite TV show. But when our choices lead us to develop chronic illness, that's when lifestyle medicine can get us back on track to a healthier life. Lifestyle medicine has the most benefit for individuals struggling with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol and lipids
  • Metabolism imbalances
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

A Personal Approach

Our lifestyle medicine appointments start with a complete review of your daily routine. We take a close look at your sleep schedule, eating habits, physical activity, and stress levels. We also look at your family history to see where trends and potential risks may come from. Once we have the big picture, we work with you to develop a personal action plan you can succeed with.

Your lifestyle action plan will include:

  • Setting specific goals for each category of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress
  • Addressing the barriers that would prevent you from reaching your goals and strategies to overcome them
  • Arranging follow up visits, phone calls, and reporting progress
  • Creating an accountability structure with family, friends, and the LiVe Well team
  • Sharing your plan with your support group

Lifestyle medicine evaluations typically last an hour. Follow up visits are usually 20-30 minutes and are highly encouraged to review progress and adjust your action plan as needed. Lifestyle medicine visits are covered by most insurance plans and do not require a referral from a physician.