Everyone knows skipping breakfast is a bad habit — but that's not the only bad breakfast habit people have! Here are a few other common morning mistakes along with solutions that are easy, tasty and healthy too.

Bad Habit #1

Eating on the run. You'd be surprised how many people eat and drive or gulp down their cereal on the run because they're in such a hurry. The problem is, food eaten quickly isn't chewed completely or properly digested and it ends up causing weight gain and stomach pain.

Do this instead ...

Adjust your schedule so you can sit down for a 10-minute breakfast — that's all it takes. Plan your meal the night before. Whether you sit down with a parent or sibling or eat by yourself, this is great time to use as a launch pad for the day ahead, setting yourself up for health and success by getting the best possible start!

Bad Habit #2

Grabbing unhealthy, packaged, processed foods because it's fast, easy and, you figure, it's better than nothing!

Do this instead ...

Visit the supermarket with breakfast on your mind, looking specifically for foods that are healthy, require no preparation and appeal to your usual morning mood. Good choices include: string cheese; yogurt (some of the drinkable ones are great, but watch for sugar content); cereals and breakfast bars from the health-food aisle (pick less fat, sugar and sodium); and microwaveable oatmeal.

Bad Habit #3

Out to breakfast with friends or the family and what can you do? Do you have to scarf down the French toast drowning in butter and syrup? Or the bacon and egg special with a bagel and cream cheese? Or the omelet platter with the home fries and toast with lots of butter?

Do this instead ...

Take control with your order so you aren't even tempted to eat the stuff you know isn't good for you. Ask for an omelet made with egg whites or a whole-egg omelet without cheese. Have fruit instead of hash browns or home fries, and if you want pancakes or French toast, fruit's great atop those as well!​