Here is a fact you may not know ...

There are three reasons for eating—and every single one of them begins with the letter "E"! Every time you eat and before you put anything in your mouth "eek out" your reason for eating and make sure you are making the right choice.

We eat for three central reasons

  1. Energy. Our bodies need regular infusions of fuel so we can function in a healthful way. If you don't give your body good food, often, you won't function well physically or mentally.

  2. Enjoyment. Eating should be a positive experience, something we enjoy that enhances our days and evenings.

  3. Emotional needs. Uh-oh. While this is a common reason for eating (especially over-eating) it's not a good one! If it is for energy, consider whether what you are eating is the smartest choice to meet your needs at the moment. If it is for enjoyment, ask yourself whether what you're about to eat is worth it to you and if the answer is yes, eat it slowly and savor the experience. Pay attention to how tasty it is, and stop when you feel satisfied. If the answer is that you're about to eat something to make yourself feel better stop, put it down, and go do something else. Chances are good that once you've stepped away you can find something else that will make you happy and you'll be glad you did!

Note to Parents: Talk to your children about the three Es. Encourage them to explain why they are eating and how it makes them feel. Focus on energy and enjoyment and help them identify situations that often lead to emotional eating. Talking about this can really help kids understand and control unhealthy eating habits.​​​