Eating foods grown nearby is a trendy, healthy way to eat that's a win-win for everyone. You end up eating whole foods that are more nutritious, you are supporting the local economy, and since the foods aren't transported long distances, they're fresh and make less of a carbon imprint. 

The best restaurants now make a big deal of serving meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables grown nearby. But who's eating three meals a day at those places? 

You can get the same awesomely delicious foods at a local farmers market. They're fun and festive, people are friendly, and you can often try different foods for free. If you're hungry, you can buy a peach or a bunch of grapes, an apple or some carrots. But it's not just fruits and vegetables. You'll also find crunchy whole-grain breads, delicious healthful muffins, a variety of nuts, homemade pretzels, and fresh-popped popcorn.

Farmer's markets are the new fast food! Check out the listing of Utah farmers markets to see if there is one near where you live!