One of the "berry best" foods to eat a lot of is fresh berries.

They're not only delicious, but also incredibly nutritious. Just a cup of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and also contains vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and folate.

Berries are a breeze to prepare—just remove stems and leaves (you might need to cut them off of strawberries), rinse, and they're ready to be popped right into your mouth—or blended into a smoothie, served atop your cereal, stirred into your yogurt or, for a special treat, baked into muffins, a pie, or a fruit crumble (use oats or whole grain flour to keep it healthy!).

The only part that's hard ...

Berries spoil quickly so don't buy more than the whole family will eat in a day or so. Look for berries that are plump, firm, and brightly-colored; keep them in the refrigerator, uncovered; and don't rinse 'til just before eating, since dampness encourages spoiling.​