A simple way to balance your diet is by aiming to eat as many colors as you can each day—at least, that's true if the colors are natural!

Noshing on a rainbow of foods—in vivid shades of green, orange, yellow, purple and red—is a great way to ensure you are getting a variety of health benefits. Even pale-colored foods (white, yellow, pink) have health-promoting properties.

Why are they so good for you?

Because the compounds that color fruits and vegetables are what's known as "bio-active compounds." Not only do they contain vitamins and other nutrients, but these foods also contain phytonutrients (plant-based chemicals) that help boost immunity and fight disease, and they're also rich in fiber.

Paint yourself as the picture of health by eating like an artist! Make your plate beautiful, with life-enhancing colors—eat as many colors in each meal and over the course of the day and week as you can— and when possible, eat fruits and vegetables whole, including the skin (wash first, of course)​. ​