Be adventurous—challenge yourself to try a new fruit every week! You never know, you may love it and have a delicious new choice to add to your regular shopping list.

The produce section of your local supermarket is filled with stuff you've probably never seen before, at least not if you haven't been looking to see what's new! You'll find a lot of stuff you've never tasted, like plantains, star fruits, and lychee nuts. These odd-looking, exotic fruits may be great-tasting—or, yes, it's possible—you may not like them at all. But what's the harm in trying?

Variety is one of the keys to eating an all-around healthy diet, but the truth is, most of us get into a rut where we tend to eat the same foods over and over again. Making a game of finding something new and healthy to try every time you visit the supermarket can be a good way to expand your horizons and improve your health all at once!

A good idea

It's hard to know how to select good fruits if you aren't familiar with what they are and how they should look. Use your smartphone while shopping to go online and get information about a fruit you are looking at in the store: How can you tell if it is ripe? What does it taste like? How should it be prepared—peeled, sliced, eaten whole? Also take note of the nutrients and calories.

And—always, always—make sure you wash the fruit carefully before eating!​