Pizza gets an unfair bad rap—finding healthy places to eat pizza can become a happy way to enjoy family meals together! If you have a favorite pizza place that everyone loves, it's not hard to healthy-up your favorite pie by following a few simple rules:

  • Always order the thin crust version, and no extra cheese.
  • Fresh vegetables—the more the better—make a delicious pizza you can feel good about eating.
  • You can remove excess oil by blotting with a paper napkin or holding a slice up to let the oil drip off before eating.
  • Ask your favorite place if they can make your pizza more healthy, they might have some good ideas and they'll want to keep good customers.
  • Be moderate—have one (two at most) slices with a salad.

If your family is up for adventure, make a plan to explore all the pizza places in your community (and ones nearby) to see which has the best combination of healthy food, fun atmosphere—and of course, great taste!