You may have learned all about the food pyramid in health class—and it's still good advice—but the USDA wants us to look at healthy eating in a new way. They've just introduced a new program, called Choose My Plate, to show us what a healthy diet looks like when it's sitting right in front of us!

What's different from the food pyramid?

This approach emphasizes healthy portion size since it has become clear that many of us are not only eating unhealthy foods, but eating too much of everything.

Family meals provide a great opportunity to put these healthful principles to good use. When you sit down together, discuss this "healthy plate" approach. Remind one another to serve portions that stay within the guidelines. Discuss how you feel when you eat this way: What changes you can make as a family to keep your portions sizes and food choices within this healthy range? Which parts you find challenging? Which are simple and easy?

You can go to www.choosemyplate.gov to print out a picture of this healthy plate, get more information on how to stay within the guidelines, and—if you aren't sure what food group a particular food falls into—you can type it in to find out right away!​​