Don't love making a grocery list? It's more efficient and more fun when the whole family gets involved.

Work together to create a smart shopping list. If everyone pitches in on meal planning, then everyone has the foods they want and need to eat well (and no one gets to say, "but I don't like dinner!"). It's a fun activity you can accomplish in just 10 minutes once a week. Make it part of your next discussion around the dinner table.

Good for everyone

It's good for kids to get into the habit of planning ahead and it makes shopping for healthy meals more efficient—plus making a shopping list means you'll spend less money and time at the supermarket!

Try to establish a regular time to do this—breakfast or lunch on a weekend day can be ideal, since everyone is relaxed and less likely to be running off to work or school.

Use a toolkit. Make sure everyone brings information about their work and school schedule, sports practices, music lessons and anything else that affects who will be eating what meals and when. It's also good to use a pre-made shopping list; there are lots of smartphone apps to help with this, you can find good ones online or you can ask at your local supermarket, since many stores give them away for free.

  • Ask each family member to plan one meal.
  • Let everyone choose one "favorite food" to buy.
  • Play games—have a prize for predicting what the total bill will be or how many bags you fill up.
  • And one more thing—don't forget to bring your reusable grocery bags!