Studies link an increase in Americans' intake of sweetened drinks—especially soda and sports drinks—with an unhealthy increase in our body weight.

Sweet drinks are also linked to:

  • Weak bones
  • Tooth decay
  • Increased desire for sugar (and in some cases, caffeine)

Ideas to make it happen

Go with H2O.

Carry water with you—and drink it all day long.

Rethink mealtime drinks.

Drink water or milk (skim or 1%) at meals and snack times.

Make it special.

Save soda, lemonade, Kool-Aid, and punch for special occasions—no more than once a week. If you're used to drinking regular soda, switch to diet soda.

Watch the juice.

Drink 100% fruit juice, but limit yourself to one small (4 to 6 ounces) glass or juice box a day. Or, eat a piece of fruit instead. You'll get more nutrients, and feel more satisfied.

Exercise caution.

Go easy on the sports drinks—most of the time, water is best for exercise.


Apple Crush Cider

While apple juice can be healthy, apple cider is healthier yet and even more nutritious because it contains more antioxidants than the clear juice.​​


Food Court Smoothies

You know soda's not good for you so you head to the smoothie bar, right? Not so fast. These frozen drink-treats often contain a whole day's worth of calories!​​​​


Fun Ice Cubes

The next time you want to drink something fun, try tossing in creative ice cubes in fun shapes, funky colors, and infused with fruits, herbs, and other flavors.​


Milk Alternatives

Almond milk, and other similar alternatives, are lower in calories than cow's milk, yummy over cereal and in smoothies, and loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients.​​​​


So Long Soda

Regular soda is made with the unhealthy sweetener high-fructose corn syrup and has too many calories, and even diet soda contains preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients.​​


Tea That Suits You

Just take a trip down the tea aisle in your local supermarket and you'll find lots of flavors and varieties, as well as decaffeinated options that you never even imagined!​​


Water Is the Way

Water is the best and healthiest beverage to drink—it cools your body after exercise, keeps everything working the way it should and even helps you eat less and lose weight.​