Does ice tea sound like a little old lady's drink to you? You might want to reconsider and take a field trip down the tea aisle in a big supermarket where you'll find lots of decaffeinated flavors and varieties you never even imagined! You can buy tea that's sweet or sour, spicy or smooth, and much more.

Decaffeinated ice tea and herbal teas are great summertime drinks and if you follow a few rules, they're way healthier than soda.

Things you might want to know ...

Green and black tea both contain caffeine. It's best to avoid these or look for decaffeinated versions.

A really healthy way to sweeten your tea is with fruit, like peaches, nectarines or berries. You can also use a bit of sugar or honey, but use just a little to avoid taking in empty calories. Artificial sweeteners aren't great for your health either, so if you must, use just a pinch.

Similarly all those funky new tea-time concoctions—like tea-with-lemonade, bubble tea or any kind of tea with lots of milk—end up being not so healthy after all.