So, how much do you love those family pictures?

Whether it's an annual photo op or just another one of those "smile and say cheese" occasions, it's a really nice tradition to take family photos to share with far-flung relatives and friends.

Do you sometimes dread getting your picture taken? So many things to worry about: your hair, your braces, that zit, those extra pounds you haven't lost yet, and that sweater mom said you have to wear!!! Seriously?

Relax. Family pictures can actually be fun.

Instead of focusing on the things you don't like, accentuate the positive. Take some extra time to comb your hair in a way that you really like. Use cover-up to banish an unexpected eruption. If you can choose your own outfit, pick something that flatters you and you feel great wearing. And smile! Have fun and goof around with your family.

When you see the finished product, instead of focusing on how you look, appreciate the whole picture.

Most people tend to notice their own (probably nonexistent) flaws before anything else. You might think your cheeks are too chubby but most other people looking at the picture won't spot that—they're too busy looking at your happy family and thinking it's a great picture of all of you!

So instead of focusing on what you think is wrong, look at what's right: your great family!​