Don't you feel great when someone says you look nice, or compliments the project you just handed in, or mentions how smart, funny or generous you are?

Some of us spend so much time criticizing things we don't like—especially about our bodies!—that we almost don't even notice all the nice things that our friends, teachers, parents, or siblings say. Many people react to compliments by getting embarrassed (oh no!), criticizing themselves (oh it wasn't really very good at all), or generally brushing it off.

Why not instead learn to accept compliments graciously?

What not to do

  • Put yourself down
  • Deflect the compliment
  • Point out your weaknesses
  • Say it was just luck

Instead try this ...

  • Be appreciative, enthusiastic, honest and gracious
  • Say "thank you," smile
  • If it is relevant, offer a compliment of your own!

Everyone likes to be appreciated.