Providing your employees with opportunities to be active at work increases employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. Research shows that a lack of physical activity at work, including prolonged sitting, is associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, premature mortality, and obesity. 

A 14-year study found that men who spent 6+ hours per day sitting had an overall death rate 20% higher than those who sat less than 3 hours. Women who sat for 6+ hours per day had a 40% higher death rate.

Create a Workplace Fitness Culture

  • Support employee wellness campaigns and initiatives.
  • Encourage standing and stretching during meetings.
  • Recognize employees who set healthy workplace fitness examples.
  • Incorporate these workplace fitness ideas.

Walk Frequently

  • Promote employee use of nearby walking trails.
  • Encourage the use of pedometers.
  • Schedule walking meetings.

Take the Stairs

  • Make sure stairs are visible, bright, clean, and attractive.
  • Provide fun and encouraging messaging on the walls.
  • Give prizes to employees “caught” taking the stairs.

Commute by Bike

  • Provide bike storage and shower facilities.
  • Ensure bike storage area is safe, secure, and protected from snow and ice.

Take Physical Activity Breaks

Participate in Walk-Run Events

  • Encourage participation in walk-run events or sport leagues.
  • Organize lunchtime groups for walking, running, cycling, or yoga.

Follow Healthy Meeting Guidelines

  • Use the LiVe Well meeting guidelines.
  • Stand and stretch in meetings longer than 1.5 hours.
  • End meetings ten minutes early to allow for physical activity breaks.

Use Exercise Facilities

  • Provide access to onsite exercise and shower facilities where feasible.
  • Encourage gym or recreation center use.