What's a friend for if not to help you be a better you?

What's great about having a workout buddy is that there is simply no downside! The two of you motivate each other and hold the other accountable, plus it's fun.

Whether you're shooting hoops or taking a Zumba class, you'll enjoy the activity more and do it more often if you find a buddy (or several) with whom you can do it — who will hold you accountable — push you to do a bit more — and really make you want to show up!

Strategies for Exercising Together

Find several different activities you enjoy and a bunch of different people to do them with. You could play tennis with your best friend, take walks with family members, go biking with a couple of pals, all in the same day!

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind when it comes to exercising together:

  • Plan ahead. Set up a schedule or make dates in advance, don't just wait till you're hanging out together.
  • Don't get too competitive. It's not good for relationships when things get overly serious and competitive.
  • Be positive. Encourage one another to increase motivation and the fun of exercising.
  • Most of all, have fun!