How much television do you watch? Do you even know? Here are two startling statistics that may surprise you:

  • According to the A.C. Nielsen organization, which tracks television usage in the country, the average person spends a whopping four hours per day watching TV.
  • Another survey (The American Time Use Survey) found that TV watching accounts for about half of an average person's leisure time.

Reducing Screen Time

What can you do to reduce your screen time? For just one week, make it a goal to keep track of your TV time. Keep a chart by the family TV and take note of the hours the TV is on each day, what shows are being watched by whom, and then rank what you watch on a scale of 1-10.

Once you know how much time your family watches TV, the next step is to try to cut back — a bit at a time. Turn the TV on a half-hour later each day, and turn it off a half-hour earlier.

Set the Example

Also, as parents, remember that your children learn from your example. The less time you spend watching TV, the better example you'll set for your children. Rather than grabbing the remote, use the time at your hands to talk about your day or prepare dinner with your kids. You could even take a quick walk as a family.