The Copper Ridge Road spans the length of the Klondike Bluffs Trail system, offering beginners and families an easy ride or a quick connection to other trails in the area. This is a great trail to get the kids out for a family ride, or for beginners to build skills before heading out on more difficult trails.

The road is open to 4WD vehicles, however it is primarily used by mountain bikers. One narrow, rutted section makes it impassable to many stock 4WD vehicles, providing more solitude for bikers and hikers.


The Copper Ridge Road bike ride begins at the Mega Steps Trailhead in the North Klondike Bluffs area. To reach the trailhead from Moab, UT:

  1. Drive north on Hwy 191 for 22.5 miles.
  2. Turn right at the signed junction for “North Klondike Trails”.
  3. Continue on the gravel road for 1.1 miles to the Chilkoot Pass Trailhead.
  4. Keep right at the fork in the road near the Chilkoot Pass Trailhead onto the Copper Ridge Road.
  5. Continue 0.7 miles to the Mega Steps Trailhead.

Alternatively, you may park at the Chilkoot Pass Trailhead near the junction with the Copper Ridge Road for a slightly longer ride.

The Route

From the Mega Steps Trailhead, begin riding south on the Copper Ridge Road. After a short climb, the road begins descending south into Little Valley. Many dips and swoops in the road surface make the ride fun for riders of all skill levels, depending the speed you choose to ride.

Keep riding past trail junctions with numerous connecting trails such as Baby Steps, Jasper and Little Salty as the trail winds through the desert, offering great views of the La Sal Mountains and Klondike Bluffs.

After approximately 2.5 miles, a rough, rutted section is encountered. This section is not a problem for mountain bikers but it makes the road impassable for many 4WD vehicles. Continue on, passing the junctions for South Baby Steps and Jurassic before arriving at the end of the road where it intersects with the Klondike Bluffs Road and the end of the Dino Flow Trail.

Turn around and return the way you came, or choose one of the many other trails in the area to form a loop back to the Mega Steps Trailhead.

Rules & Regulations

  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • Pack out all trash.

Special Considerations

Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity. Ensure your equipment is properly maintained and appropriate for the terrain. Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear including a helmet.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.