Located in Germania Park on the banks of the Jordan River, this family-friendly trail system is a playground for aspiring mountain bikers looking to build skills and confidence.

The Germania Trail features 1.5 miles of singletrack hiking and mountain biking trails in a natural area alongside the Jordan River Parkway Trail. A variety of loops and route options exist without ever getting too far away from the park, making it a good option for a family trip with kids. More experienced riders will still enjoy the fast twists and turns.


The Germania Trail is located at Germania Park at 5242 S. Murray Parkway Ave. in Murray, UT. To reach the trailhead from I-15 in Murray:

  1. Take Exit 300 for 5300 South.
  2. Turn west onto 5300 South and continue 1.1 miles to Murray Parkway Ave/1070 West.
  3. Turn right onto Murray Parkway Ave and continue 0.4 miles to the parking area at the end of the road.

The Route

From the parking area, head north to access the Jordan River Parkway just beyond the pavilion next to the sports field. Turn left and continue 200 feet to a junction in the trail. The paved trail turns right here while a soft surface trail continues straight. These two trails form a loop around the natural area where the Germania singletrack trail is located. Turn right, staying on the paved trail and continue 120 feet to the marked entrance to the singletrack on the left.

Begin riding or hiking on the singletrack trail through the natural open space. Depending on the time of year, there may be tall, green grass or it may be dried and cut down. At times the grass grows so thick that it can be difficult to see the trail, however the park staff does a good job of cutting down the grass so it is still fun to ride.

Take the first right turn on the trail as it heads north, staying fairly close to the Jordan River Parkway. This trail is full of fun twists and turns as it winds around the park. Soon the trail crosses under some power lines and ends at the paved Jordan River Parkway Trail. Turn left and hop back on the dirt singletrack just beyond the ditch. The northern end of the trail has more trees and shade and even some minor hills that add to the fun. Soon the trail turns south again and meets up with the soft surface walking trail on the west side. Turn onto the soft surface trail and follow it for approximately 100 feet before turning back onto the single track heading south.

Continue riding as the trail loops you back to your starting point at the south end of the singletrack area. Go for another lap, or explore some of the other forks in the trail, including a small inner loop. None of the trails are very long but they are great at building skills, or just getting in a quick ride close to home.

Rules & Regulations

  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • Pack out all trash.

Special Considerations

Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity. Ensure your equipment is properly maintained and appropriate for the terrain. Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear including a helmet.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.