With endless sandstone to climb and play on combined with unique attractions like Boy Scout Cave and Dixie Rock Pioneer Park is a great destination for everyone in the family. Many trails wind through the park offering visitors a variety of route options. This area is suitable for hikers of all abilities but watch children closely around cliff edges deep cracks and slot canyons amongst the rocks.


Pioneer Park is located on Red Hills Parkway in St. George.

  1. Take Exit 8 for St. George Blvd. and continue west to 1000 East.
  2. Turn north onto 1000 East and continue to Red Hills Parkway.
  3. Turn west onto Red Hills Parkway and continue 0.8 miles to Pioneer Park on the north side of the road.

An additional parking area is available 0.3 miles further west on Red Hills Parkway.

The Route

Route options at Pioneer Park are limitless. Some of the more popular spots include a hike to the top of Dixie Rock, an old pioneer cabin known as Boy Scout Cave, and a scenic arch perched high amongst the many sandstone domes.

Dixie Rock, also known as Dixie Sugarloaf, is the iconic large rock on Red Hills Parkway with big white letters that say “DIXIE.” It is the large sandstone dome between the two parking areas (37.115521, -113.579485). To access the top, simply follow the trail to the north side of the dome between several large rocks, eventually leading to a bridge that spans the final gap onto Dixie Rock allowing hikers access to one of the best views in St. George.

Boy Scout Cave is found by hiking directly north of the main parking area (37.115542, -113.577591). Just follow the well-worn trail towards the cliffs ahead. Railings on the cliffs above are a good indicator that you are getting close. Kids will love going inside and exploring the cave, which also provides a welcome break from the sun on a hot day.

After exploring Boy Scout Cave, take some time to discover the surrounding rocks. There is plenty to see and do just by following the various trails and climbing around on the rocks and through the narrow canyons. A small but interesting arch is perched high on the rim of the park along the Pioneer Rim Trail (37.116633, -113.575091). Find the arch by heading northwest from Boy Scout Cave.

Rules and Regulations

  • Dogs allowed on leash.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • No littering.
  • Do not deface rocks.

Special Considerations

This area can be very hot during the summer and in the middle of the day. Bring plenty of water for each member of your group. Hike in the morning or evening for cooler temperatures.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.